General Conference Activites for Kids: Road Map Freebie

If you are LDS then you know that General Conference is almost here. We all know that watching General Conference can be a challenge with kids. But in our house it has become a fun holiday.  In fact after Christmas and Easter, Conference is my kids favorite holiday! For me, it is the most rewarding holiday. The preparations take just an afternoon and then it’s hours of family party time as I get my spiritual booster shot. To help you make your own General Conference Holiday I wanted to share some of our activities.

When I am planning our Conference Holiday Activities, I want things that infuse fun into our listening experience, but more importantly, help my children understand what conference is all about. I have tried a few different approaches and this last fall I came up with one that was a HUGE hit. Celestial Road Maps. (Download the free printable)

In addition to keeping things interesting, this idea really helps kids understand what the words of our prophets helps us to do–direct us back home, and at the same time, simplifies those talks that seem so  L-O-N-G for kids into manageable, actionable direction.

We began with a quick field trip with Dad Saturday morning, give the camera to the 5 year old.



Drive to the dollar store, and on the way point out different signs and what they do for us- how they keep us safe, how they keep us from getting lost, how they keep others safe, etc.



While dad was out with my little busy bodies, I was able to get everything set up and print and cut our Celestial Road Map pieces.


Then simply watch conference and pause as needed to write down a direction you or the kids hear.


When you are done, you can make a huge road map to review conference. You could even build it slowly every FHE for a month or two to review and apply the things you learned. You could even laminate it and turn it into a car play mat!


We printed some extra green signs and each week we chose one thing we heard during conference we were going to do for the week. We wrote it on the green sign and taped it someplace we’d see it daily. It turned out to be a fantastic follow through activity to implement conference instruction into our daily lives.



We loved doing our Celestial Road Map and can’t wait to do it again this year. Download the Celestial Road Map Freebie here and you can create your own Celestial Road Map with your family!

This is how we have turned General Conference into a fun filled holiday. What are some of your General Conference activities?

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